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Beauty Always Comes With Dark Thoughts

All the ancient classic fairy tales have always been scary and dark

Ruth. Twentysomething. Spanish. Traveler. Fangirl. Languages addict. Bookworm. Music & cinema lover. Helena Bonham Carter obsessed.

Actors: Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman, Colin Firth, Damian Lewis, Kenneth Branagh, Benedict Cumberbatch, Rupert Graves
Actresses: Helena Bonham Carter, Kate Winslet, Charlize Theron, Helen McCrory, Idina Menzel, Julianne Moore, Lena Headey, Eve Best
Music: Gotthard, Bon Jovi, Emilie Autumn, Sarah Brightman, Ayreon, Kamelot, Queen, Avantasia, Anathema, Lordi, Tarja Turunen, Apocalyptica
Movies: Schindler's List, The English Patient, Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, Fight Club, Rent, Wings of the Dove, The Heart of Me, Corpse Bride
Books: The Pillars of the Earth, The Reader, Wicked, Harry Potter, The Vampire Chronicles, A Song of Ice and Fire
♥ London/Disney/Chocolate/Vodka/Gin/Sex

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Nellie Lovett is my girlfriend at is_my_bf
iam_book The Wings of the Dove by Henry James of LiveJournal.
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I can't even do two things at once. I can't even do one thing at once.

Helena Bonham Carter


I am Cersei Lannister of A Song of Ice & Fire


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Helena Bonham Carter is all mine at find_and_keep
Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy is my couple at find_and_keep
Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen is mine at find_and_keep
Sweeney Todd & Mrs. Lovett is my OTP at find_and_keep
Victorian Era in The United Kingdom during 1837-1901 is mine at find_and_keep

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disneygirl89 is the Sally to my Jack Skellington (Nightmare Before Christmas)
danakidman is the Temperance Brennan to my Seeley Booth (Bones)
supersonicchica is the Voldemort to my Bellatrix (Harry Potter)
sweetnessarose is the Toby to my Mrs. Lovett (Sweeney Todd)
princessbloomy is the Gellert to my Bellatrix (Harry Potter)
flyingharmony is the Narcissa to my Bellatrix (Harry Potter)
flyingharmony is the Narcissa to my Lucius (Harry Potter)
scarletladyy is the Hermione to my Lucius (Harry Potter)
los_york is the Johanna to my Mrs. Lovett (Sweeney Todd)
los_york is the Andromeda to my Narcissa (Harry Potter)
los_york is the Johnny to my Helena
Do you have a pair for us?

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